7 days. Literally I will meet my baby in 168 hours, or less. We have been counting down the weeks so long and it feels so good to be counting down by days. I find myself begging him to come out because I am just so anxious to hold him and nurse him and know what he looks like. I am anxious for the sleepless nights and to watch McKinlee hold him and kiss his cheeks. I know the words "be gentle" and "use your inside voice" will become very frequent in our house, but I honestly cannot wait. I can't wait to be a family of four, and say "the kids" and plan sibling outfits for holidays, I have never been more scared and excited at the same time, in my entire life.

One thing I am most excited about is seeing Justin with him. My favorite picture of Justin ever, was the day McKinlee was born and he walked her out, so proud, to our family and friends and he's just staring at her in complete love, he just fell in love right then. I am so excited to see how he is with his son, who he'll teach to hunt, four-wheel, throw a ball, bale hay and most importantly be someone who treats women with respect. I can't wait for that. He told me a few days ago, "I feel like I am going to cry this time." I know I'll just be a puddle watching my family grow and I love that he is so sweet and sentimental when it comes to his people.

Something so special about our sweet Carter is that he is not only named after his great-mema, Paulette, but he is a next generation Bolinger. We are excited to help carry on the family name and I am so thankful my children are part of such loving families on both our sides.

One thing I am most nervous about is McKinlee. She's our girl, our best girl, and she'll tell you that 100x over. If Justin asks her "who's my best girl?" she'll reply excitedly, "me and mama!" He does such a great job to provide for us and make his family his number one priority and I am so thankful for him each day. I want to make a great effort to make sure she still feels like our number one girl even after Carter comes. Three years of her being our only concern, I want to make sure she doesn't feel like she's being shipped off or put aside. I know it will just be trial-and-error and kind of a learn at our own pace thing and figure out what works best for us, but it's still just as scary going into parenthood a second time, as it was the first.

So if he doesn't make an early arrival, my last day of work will be Wednesday, I will pick my mama up from the airport on Thursday morning, we'll go for a pre-op appointment, lunch and a pedicure. Relax that evening at home, and by relax, I probably mean, take everything out of the bags, just to repack it and then stay up all night wondering how the next day is gonna go. Then we will arrive at the hospital around 8am and he will be born later that morning. 

We will give everyone a heads up when visitors are welcome after we see how the day progresses and have our time together as a family of four. Thanks for all the support and well wishes during the last nine months, we are so thankful for all the love that has been shown to us and our sweet family.

Justin has been waiting every day for weeks for me to send a text that says:

Hang in there babe, not too much longer!

How Far along | 38 weeks

Size of baby | Too big to be in my belly anymore....

Gender | BOY

Maternity clothes | I am wearing yoga pants at work today - I facetimed McKinlee and Justin this morning and that was terrible. The front camera does no favors.

Movement | He moves a lot at certain times of the day but he is running out of room.

Sleep | My body is definitely preparing me to have a newborn, up all the time - I sleep sitting up at this point.

Cravings | Ice cold water, and anything I think will induce labor.

Best moment of the week | I had 11 contractions in an hour last week and was sent to the ER to be monitored. Turned out to be high blood pressure, so they monitored me and then sent me home to rest and drink lots of water. So that was a bummer, because we got really excited! We've made it this long that I am just hoping he holds out for my mom to get here Thursday and then he can come anytime!