Just finished up a fun girls night that was much needed after spending the day at home with my sick girl. Hand, foot, mouth is no joke - if anyone can figure out how to explain to a toddler why it hurts to eat, please send suggestions my way.

Anyways, girls night started out with dinner at Logan's with lots of bread, not on the 21-day fix food list, but after today I didn't care, I needed bread. Next, we headed to a high-end garage sale and I got some cute goodies for Carter!

I was just sitting here, rubbing McKinlee's back, while we watch her favorite Christmas movie, and I feel Carter kicking around. I can't help but think how blessed I am. I am so thankful to have met Brittany, who holds me accountable in my relationship with Christ and is always so encouraging. She is due with her first baby on Saturday and she is really hoping for a natural birth, so if you'll send a prayer up that Mayson will come on her own before Sunday that would be much appreciated! She's had the most beautiful pregnancy as far as health and I would love for her to be rewarded with a safe, happy delivery, for all her hard work {single parenthood + graduating UofA + a trillion internship hours + working full time} to provide the best home for her sweet girl!

As I sit here and feel Carter kick, I just can't help but think how we're gonna be a family of four soon. I think about how McKinlee will react, the bond Justin and him will have, hunting and doing things on the farm that Justin grew up doing. I think about his role as little brother, and her role as big sister and how that makes my heart swell. 

I am so swoon over the blessings I've been given. Days like today are what motherhood is about, wanting to pull your hair out from all the whining but at the end of the day, you're still number one to them. They make it so worth it. They choose you, everyday. They love you, everyday. 

I pray they always know how much I love and care for them. I pray they know how hard we work to raise them up and to provide them with the best things to help them succeed. I hope they realize life isn't about handouts but about working hard to get what you want. I pray that we raise her up to be confident and to measure her beauty by her spirit and not by the words of others. I pray we raise him to be a gentlemen and to treat women as he would want his sister to be treated, I pray he is a hard worker just like his daddy, and leads his house. 

I hope our children will see the love I have for their dad and I pray they find that love someday. I pray that if they make mistakes that they know there is a Lord that has already forgiven those mistakes. I know they have to make their own mistakes but I pray they learn from ours.

I can't wait to meet our sweet boy!