Officially 7 weeks to go! My appointments have transitioned to every 2 weeks so that's making it go by a little faster! I can't wait to meet our sweet baby!

How Far along | 32 weeks

Size of baby | Weighs as much as a Jicama {3.75lbs, 16.7 inches}

Gender | BOY

Maternity clothes | Don't even get me started on clothes. I can't fit into anything.

Movement | Tons and tons of movement! I love it so much! Contractions are in full swing - I have to breathe through them at work - they are intense.

Sleep | It's ok - sleeping a little better now, but still getting up to pee a lot.

Cravings | Well, I started the 21 day fix diet this week, so craving anything that's not on the "approved foods" list. I am confident that it will be worth it when I don't feel just so blah at the end of the day! My mom has lost 30lbs since she started her 21DF journey and although I am pregnant and doing it modified to ensure a healthy baby, I am excited to continue the journey after he's born to get my weight down to something I feel comfortable with.

Best moment of the week | 32 week check-up was today and I just love hearing his little heartbeat, it was 142. We also scheduled our repeat c-section, so unless he decides to come early like his sister, his birthday is set. I'm hoping that our best moment this week will be welcoming sweet Mayson Faith into the world later this week! I can't wait to watch one of my best friends become a mama, you can read her pregnancy journey here!

Popsicles with my best girl after we got home for the day!

Sweet girls after church!

Cow appreciation day with the Pruitt's! #bolingerslovechickfila