Single digits. 9 weeks. NINE!

How Far along | 30 weeks

Size of baby | Weight = Head of Cabbage {15.7 inches, 3 pounds}

Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | Nothing fits. {insert annoyed emoji's here}

Movement | I can see him on the outside now. Lots of rolling over and flipping in there. I can feel hiccups towards the bottom of my belly - so thinking he is not going to be breech like his sister was!

Sleep | None this week - McKinlee has been waking up and sneaking in to bed and I have countless bathroom runs.

Cravings | Anything I don't have to cook at this point.

Best moment of the week | It's a holiday weekend! Short day on Friday and then the weekend celebrating freedom and watching fireworks! Also, we got some previews of our maternity photos and I love them all. I decided to do my pictures between 29-30 rather than the normal 35-36 - I was super puffy with McKinlee and didn't want to be this go around - plus I knew it would be waaay hotter in July. I love how they turned out!