Ahh this week was so fun! Not only because I realized that when I attend my next prenatal appointment I'll be 30 weeks {woah, crazy} but that it's 13 weeks or less until we meet our sweet baby boy! I also realized we planned the baby shower three weeks before my scheduled delivery date - so that will be interesting. I am excited though to see all of our friends and family come celebrate our best boy! Life lately has been all about our girl - just loving on her and making sure she feels special these next few months!

How Far along | 26 weeks

Size of baby | Length of a green onion {14 inches, 2 pounds}

Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | Gosh, I got super sun burnt this weekend playing outside with McKinlee while Daddy watched some Razorback baseball {we're headed to the college world series!} so I rocked some maxi skirts and tank tops.

Movement | Lots! I love it so much! I notice it mostly at night once I get settled into bed and around lunch time while I'm sitting at work! He is such a stinker - anytime he's moving like crazy, I'll try to have Justin or his mom come and feel and he'll just stop. Completely stop. I hope he's not shy - have you met his sister.

Sleep | I got a body pillow. Like not an ordinary body pillow. This one and it's glorious - so a big thanks to Jessica for passing it down!

Cravings | Still those giant croissants from Sam's Club, grilled everything, tomatoes, Chickfila peach shake {and all other things Chickfila}, and green beans, lots of fresh garden veggies!

Best moment of the week | Just spending so much time with family. Justin and I went on a date to the local Drive-in and it was so fun! We grabbed Firehouse subs {we weren't impressed} and laid blankets in the back of the truck and watched Pitch Perfect 2 on the big screen!

I also took the day off Friday for my glucose test and McKinlee's 3 year check-up. We had so much fun just us girls. I headed to my appointment and everything went well besides the fact that I was starving! Carter's heartbeat was 143 and he measured perfect! I've gained 23lbs and still have 13 weeks to go - but I've realized growing a healthy baby is most important so not putting too much stress on weight gain. McKinlee's appointment went well, the doctor gave us a few things to work on before she turns 4 {diet, as in no more sweet tea and fruit snacks and better bedtime routine}. After that, Tawny and her crew came over and we laid out while the kids played in the backyard and it was just a perfect Friday!