We will literally meet our sweet boy in 14 weeks or less!

How Far along | 25 weeks

Size of baby | Rutabaga {13.5 inches, 1.5 pounds}

Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | Found some super comfy tanks from Walmart for $4! Score! I'm buying one in every color - also the rain is out of control so I've been wearing lots of leggings with Piko tunics!

Movement | Lots! I love it so much! I notice it mostly at night once I get settled into bed and around lunch time while I'm sitting at work!

Sleep | Between trying to get comfortable and a sweet three year old little girl that is "scary of thunder, mama" I haven't got a lot of sleep whatsoever.

Cravings | Those giant croissants from Sam's Club, grilled everything, tomatoes, Chickfila peach shake {and all other things Chickfila}, and green beans!

Best moment of the week  | Finalizing a baby shower date and adding things to the registry as I think of them. I didn't think registering for boy stuff would be fun, but it's definitely just as fun! Give me all the baby polos.