I can't believe we'll meet our sweet boy in sometime in the next 17 weeks!

That's crazy town - going to enjoy spoiling McKinlee the next few months while she's still an only child.
How far along | 22 weeks

Size of baby | Butternut Squash {11inches, 1 pound}

Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | Same as all the other weeks - mainly pants - some of the time. Lots of dresses and maxi skirts!

Weight gain | 10-12lbs {I need to lay off the Chickfila}

Movement | Lots and lots of movement! I love it so much! I can feel it on the outside now - so it's just getting him not to be shy so Justin can feel it too!

Sleep | I slept horrible this week - just waking up around 1am and can't get comfortable and then one night, I had really bad indigestion from dinner so did not sleep well. Thankful the weekend is here and I can rest!

Cravings | I haven't had any real cravings lately - I've been drinking a lot of sweet tea and pink lemonade, so good. Craving popcorn as an afternoon snack at work.

Best moment of the week | In the hectic hour of getting home from work, rushing around getting dinner ready and filling up the dishwasher with dirty dishes, McKinlee stopped me, lifted my shirt, kissed my belly button and said "Hey Carter brother, did you have a good day?" I was a puddle of all things mama - Can't wait to celebrate being a mom this weekend! It's what I was meant to do.