and the countdown begins | only 19 weeks to go! 

I was reading on my BabyCenter App and my sweet boy's lips are becoming more defined and he is developing eyebrows! The eyebrows that will droop when he's sad and rise when he can't believe we're giving him a curfew. I can't wait to meet him!

How far along | 21 weeks!

Size of baby | Carrot {10.5inches, almost a pound!}

Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | Mainly just pants - but still doing what I can to not have to pay outrageous prices for maternity shorts that I'm only going to wear on weekends!

Weight gain | Still a steady 7-8lbs!

Movement | Tons! I even felt one on the outside when I got settled in bed last night - but he was shy when I asked Justin to try and feel. Little stinker!

Sleep | Not well - and now McKinlee has started having "bad dreams" at night. AKA: she has an internal alarm clock that wakes her up at 1am every night so she can sleep with Mom and Daddy. She's such a cuddler!

Cravings | MMM - I craved lots of chicken with McKinlee {grilled, zaxby's, chickfila} and I've noticed I want it a lot more lately. We have been grilling lots of chicken - tonight's menu is hamburgers! Yum!

Best moment of the week | Feeling Carter kick from the outside - finished up painting a mirror for his room and a picture frame that I found at Goodwill. I finished up a few graphic prints for his room and I am going to start on a DIY crib mobile later this month! Oh, and baby shower planning!