How far along | 16 weeks

Size of baby | Avocado {4.5 inches, 3.5oz}

Gender | BOY! {Carter Paul}

Maternity clothes | The same - just pants really.

Weight gain | 5lbs

Movement | None so far - I realized what I thought might be movement is just my bowel. I actually 
called the doctor concerned that I was having braxton hicks, she said "no, that's poop". Cool.

Sleep | Some nights are better since we got our new mattress, other nights still hard to get comfortable.

Cravings | Marketplace mashed potatoes and chicken tenders - fulfilled that craving Wednesday night :)

Best moment of the week | Brittany and I are attending the world's largest baby shower tomorrow and we're so excited to see what cool freebies we get and what kind of cool products we get to see. I've also semi-registered on Target and Amazon, I love looking at baby stuff so that's been fun!