I missed week 14, sorry folks. I'm sure it won't be the only one though with our hectic schedule.

How far along | 15 weeks, 2 days

Size of baby | apple {4inches, 2.5oz}

Gender | BOY!
Baby's Name - Carter Paul Bolinger

Maternity clothes | yes! Mainly pants. I'm not really comfortable in anything else. Like, even leggings. Lots of maxi dresses and skirts when it warms up! 

Weight gain | 5lbs

Movement | I think maybe I've felt one little tiny flip or something, very faint, but I'm very excited to start feeling movement more regurarly!

Sleep | terrible. {insert sobbing emoji here} I've tried everything. Heck, we even bought a new matteress, but that lower back pain and the need to prop my belly up when I lay on my side does not make for a very good nights sleep.

Symptoms | unfortunately, nausea and constipation are still the two main symptoms. Hoping they'll drop off soon along with the exhaustion and I'll get some energy and finally be able to do anything other than sleep!

Cravings | no real cravings the past few weeks, I got burnt out on ham, so I started taking chicken salad with crackers for lunch, and that was good. I went to Applebee's on Wednesday with two of my childhood besties and had a delicious fiesta chicken meal, it hit the spot! So yummy!

Best moment of the week | we had a 15 week appointment, that included a gender scan! We found out we'll be adding a sweet baby boy to our clan! We're over-the-moon that daddy will have another man around the house!

Namesake | we've always loved the name Carter, it was going to be McKinlee's name if she was a boy. Middle name was going to be Knox, but in Feburary, Justin's Mema who was a lover of all things family and grandbabies, passed away. We were very close to her and so saddened that Carter won't get the chance to meet her. However, Mema's name was Paulette and as a tribute to the life and love that she shared with us and our daughter, we decided to give Carter the middle name Paul

So even though he won't ever meet her, she'll always be a part of his life and we're gonna do our best to share all of our memories of her with him, so it's like she never left!