How far along | 13 Weeks, 2 days

Size of baby | Pea Pod {3 inches}

Gender | March 20!

Maternity clothes | I normally wear loose tops, so I have those. I have invested in some dress slacks and some jeans. Bras, maternity bras.

Weight gain | 3lbs

Movement | None that I've noticed, but in our 12 week ultrasound baby2 was swimming around like crazy!

Sleep | awful, most nights. I usually am in bed by 8:30p, asleep by 9:30-10, awake at 2 to use the bathroom then up at 6 to start getting around for work!

Symptoms | Still nauseous most days, but have been learning what I can eat so that I don't have to take zofran or get sick. Ready for that to go away for sure. Lower back pain is there some days, I think it's mainly from sleeping weird. Being tired, I'm hoping that second trimester energy boost kicks in soon!

Cravings | Ice cream/Popsicles, anything ICE cold really. Sara Lee honey ham{fresh from the deli}, not really a craving but one of the things I've found I can eat without feeling gross! Carrots and broccoli with ranch!

Best moment this week | I told most of my new co-workers that I'm expecting and they all just welcomed the new baby with warm arms! So excited to be with such a great company! We also got our announcement pictures done with the best photographer around! Megan Boliver Photography!