We up and decided to make a trip to North Carolina, which included a 14 hour car trip with my parents and brothers from Arkansas. Now, a cross-country car ride isn't nearly as bad with a two year old as I thought, but still no walk in the park. All she wanted to sing was "oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree" and "tangled bells, tangled bells, tangle all the way". I will say she did fantastic with her potty training, she was dry almost everytime we stopped and only got restless one time and that was when we were 30 minutes from home. She's an awesome toddler!

You can read #mckinleegoestocarolina {Part 1} HERE.

here's some pictures from our trip down:

We left at 7:30 // this was about 9.

I mapped our route every hour just to make sure we were progressing.

Memphis, TN

I saw this really funny picture on Facebook.

Stared at baby Maci's ginormous bow for a bit.

Took a quiz to see what kind of couple Justin + I are. Basically, royalty.

Dad snapped this picture of us relaxin'.

Looked at appliqués for McKinlee's frozen birthday party..... In May.

We're in the homestretch.

We stopped for blizzards and I snapped a selfie for Justin because we love Dairy Queen.

We made it and were in bed by 1am and we slept until 9:30 Sunday and it was so nice. We just lounged around all morning, then got dressed and headed over to see the new baby! McKinlee was so excited and she was so sweet with Maci. She kept saying "I want to pet her."

Maci Zoe Bright

After we got home from seeing the baby the rain had let up and we got to get some energy out! We rode bikes and scooters and jumped on the trampoline! McKinlee loves jumping! Also, had my brother snap a #selfie of me in front of the mountains in my parents backyard! So pretty! 

Monday // 

We woke up and I decided I wanted to sew McKinlee + Maci some matching outfits, so I did. So cute. My first ruffle bib tee and I winged it using blessournest's tutorial. Then we ran to walmart to grab McKinlee some toothpaste and some buttons for Maci's onesie!

I snapped this photo and captioned it: "Calling the Hogs from NC #WPS #neveryield"

I read up on Whole30 cause I want to start it on February1st. Wish me luck. I love me a random pack of fruit snacks... Or Hershey's bar.

Daddy sent us this selfie and boy, do we miss his handsome self.

Looked up more ideas for Frozen birthday shirts!

Tuesday //

We played it low key. Mom had to run some errands, so us kids stayed home and lounged. Then we she got home we went to chickfila for lunch and let Mason + McKinlee run some energy out! 

They love that foam bath soap!

Playing ball in the house is allowed at Meme and Grandpa's.

Decided I'm gonna try Andrea and Erika's #photochallenge2015 on instagram! Join us!

Had some delicious hot chocolate while watching the evening news!


We stayed in all day. It was awesome. We vegged on food and played Nerf wars! Rang in the new year with confetti and a quick call home to daddy! 


McKinlee and I slept in until 10:30, heck yes! We woke up to a full spread of breakfast food, delicious! We got ready and headed to the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC. 

It's basically a drive-thru safari and it was so neat. Cold, and McKinlee was scared of all the llamas, but neat! 

Mason + "Oaken"{uncle} Tyler

Her face everytime we saw a llama.

She LOVED the giraffes!

She snapped a #selfie on the wagon ride.

Pigeon cage!

We stopped at Chili's before the hour ride home. She only went to the bathroom six times. #winning

I did it y'all. I finally splurged on a blog "facelift". I'm pretty good with graphic design, it's the coding I just can't figure out. I follow Rylee's blog + saw that she was having a sale on her templates, so I did it!

After our busy day at the safari on Thursday we just hung out at home on Friday. I was feeling crafty and wanted to practice on my mom's cricut {they got me one for Christmas:)} so I ran to Joann's and picked out paper for McKinlee's birthday banner! It was so much fun to make! 

Glitter paper= glitter everywhere!

I also spent my down time narrowing down wedding photographers {barf}. That's an endless money pit. Also, finally subscribed to Chatbooks. If you have instagram, do it. Here's a code to get your first book free!

My mom + McKinlee decided to make some chocolate chip cookies while me and the boys played wii sports! 


We slept in until 9-ish and ate breakfast while we hung around and played more games and watched old disney movies. Like smart house and blank check. Good ol' days. McKinlee played while we got ready for Mason's basketball game and then I spent the afternoon at Emily's toddler-free. I was home by 8 to snuggle with her while we watched high school musical. Up and at 'em for church in the morning! 

Maci + her mama!


T-36 hours until we see our favorite guy in the whole world. Let me tell you, nine days without him was hard for her and harder for me. That's the longest we've gone without seeing each other since we met! I'm so ready to see him!

McKinlee woke up at 4:53am. Yawn. So we watched Madagascar{again} until about 7 and then Grandpa got up to make pancakes! We headed to church about 10 and came back for crockpot pork loin. Yum! I love the smell of a room when a slow cooker has been going!

It's raining again today so we're probably gonna watch more Madagascar and play more wii and tumbling monkeys while I try to finish up all our laundry before our flight home tomorrow!


Today is THE day! We're going home! I'll miss my family for sure! But I am so excited to see Justin and get back to our routine! Nine days of no structure... you almost can't come back from that, so wish me luck! Also, traveling with sassy two year old with flight changes and layovers screams "tragedy".