Well, I talked daddy into putting the Christmas tree up two days before Thanksgiving {score!}, you didn't really understand what was going on but once the lights were on, you loved it! You do perfect with only pointing and saying "peetty", I've only had to get onto you a couple of times when you try to pull your Doc McStuffins ornaments off. We had an awesome, but busy Thanksgiving.

We started out heading to Mimi's house about 10, I made my first cheese ball and it got lots of compliments, so we snacked on that until lunch. We ate at Mimi and Papa's and visited with everyone until about 2, and then headed to GG's house to hangout there for a little while, you had fun playing with Ash-Lynn. After we made it back to Fayetteville, we swung by and picked daddy up and headed to Aunt Ra's for more family fun! You love playing with Gunner and Gibbs, and us adults love to play mafia and cards! You were worn out, we called it a day about 10, and you slept until 10am the next morning.

Your first SNOW DAY was on December 6, 2013. You and mama got to take off work on the Thursday before because of ice, but then Thursday night into Friday morning we got about 5-6 inches of snow, and I couldn't wait to get you bundled up and take you out. Daddy ran to Mimi's to get a sled, but after no such luck, we ran to Lowe's and got one of the two sleds left! Lucky us! We sled down the hill by our house and it was so much fun! The first time down, Daddy sat at the back, then mama, then you; you did not like it. I think your face was frozen as were mama and dada's! We sled about two more times, and daddy grabbed a bowl of snow for some snow ice cream and then we headed inside! I think we are planning on heading out again tomorrow, so maybe you'll like it a little more then!

We love you and are so excited for you to experience Christmas traditions this year. We started the elf on the shelf tradition but I am going to wait for the holidays to be over and do a whole post on #hollytheelf.