It's Independence Day! We had such a fun fourth of July! We slept in and then Papa Ryan came over and took us all to brunch at Village Inn, you had chicken tenders and French fries, shocker. Then we came back and swam for an hour or so! We got back to the house and put you down for about a three hour nap and then we went to a BBQ with daddy's work friends! We had so much fun we played backyard golf and cornhole, drank frozen lemonade and ate lots of yummy food! Then we finished the night watching fireworks at the NWA Mall. You were mesmerized for about five minutes, and then unamused. It was a fun day, but you were one tired girl by bed time! The next day we went to the Rodeo of the Ozarks with the Oliver's and had so much fun! You loved watching all the horses and playing with the girls, you were hanging out with Ms. Codi the whole time! Love you, sweet girl!

Here's some photos from this year and to compare, some from last year: