Wednesday, March 27, you woke up with a awful fever of 101- I monitored it all day and about 12, daddy came and got you so you could cuddle and rest for the remainder of the day! It got as high as 102.7, and so Thursday you got to have a sick day with Mimi so you could get some more sick cuddles- she took you to the doctor{just in case it was still your ear} and they diagnosed it as a 'head cold'. Friday, we just stayed home and you slept a lot and mommy just cleaned house. It finally was at a steady 97-98. Saturday we had plans to go see the Easter bunny, you woke up with a 102, but I gave you Tylenol and a bath- it came down to 97! So we went and saw the bunny! You weren't a fan. Later that day, we were sitting on the porch, eating peanuts and you were just chillin' on Mimi's lap and you grabbed one and were sucking on the shell before anyone even noticed! I freaked out- well you took a nap and when you woke up, you had a rash! So of course I was like, 'great, she's allergic to peanuts!'

Long story short, I freaked out and did a few google searches and turns out it's Roseola. Which is a common rash infants ages 1-3 get, it's a sudden on-set of high fever, followed by a body rash. Yours is very mild compared to all of the pictures, but by the description of symptoms I'm pretty sure that's what it is! So after that, I could relax- we enjoyed Easter! You, Mom and Dad went to church and then to Mimi's for lunch- we had ham and you had a lemon cupcake which you loved, obviously. You played with Addi Grace and it was a great day spent with family and friends! Happy first Easter, sweet girl!