happy four months, sweet baby girl!

Weight: 15lb
Height: 24in

Well September is coming to an end and Fall is here and mama couldn't be more excited! Love fall, warm clothes, leggings and sweaters, football and family! We're on the search for the perfect Halloween costume, I think we've narrowed it down to a strawberry or a bumblebee! You're the sweetest baby ever, and we love watching you learn new stuff! I tried out the baby bullet when I made you some baby food! So fun! We went to Ma Shirley and Pa Jim's and did the traditional baby bath in the sink picture! So I posted a picture of that, you had so much fun and we loved comparing it to the picture of daddy in the sink ;)

You laugh and smile now! So sweet! Melts my heart! Still love bath time. Eat about 6 times a day, up through the night a little bit. You tried baby food for the first time{butternut squash} and loved it! You love floor time and bean bags! Reesa and Reags dress you up all the time and you think it's so funny! You're loving television, particularly cartoons! Getting so big each day and I love it! love love love! :)

you're funny thing right now is you growl at papa when he tries to talk to you it's so funny! not a mad growl, just like you're trying to be funny. you're gonna have a sense of humor like daddy ;)