Oh my goodness, you're almost a half year old! Stop growing you sweet lady! I fall more in love with you every single day, it's crazy what being a mom does to you! You're starting to learn so much and starting to show off such a personality!

Weight: 17lb
Height: 25 inches

You've started reaching for your toys and your toes! Mommy has finally got to use the baby bullet and make you some baby food! We've tried squashsweet potatoespeascarrotsavacado and zucchini! {of course you LOVED them all!} You've started making a grunting noise when you get excited and make this silly face that makes you look like papa! 

Also, you were a pea in a pod for Halloween and Addi Grace was a little ghost! You slept most of the time and you loved trying a tootsie pop! yum! So ready to welcome the holiday season and your first Thanksgiving and Christmas!